18.02.2021 • Notícias

The Soy on Track Project is a support and monitoring tool that underpins the social and environmental commitments established by the soybean production sector in the Amazon and Cerrado regions. With the combined efforts of producers, experts and local, national and international strategic partners committed to developing or finding joint solutions for the implementation of such commitments, Soy on Track is used as a tool for accountability and transparency of results, in addition to being a point of contact between the stakeholders and civil society.

The role of Soy on Track, an initiative organised by the Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification Institute (Imaflora), is to support the implementation of the Soy Moratorium in the Amazon region and the Grain Protocol in the State of Pará. It also works with companies of the sector to expand and improve corporate commitments towards a deforestation-free soy chain. As such, this space will be used to bring you news, summaries, and translations of technical information so that society and other audiences can also track what is being done in the soybean chain to ensure that the origin of soybeans and other grains produced in the country is not tainted by illegal deforestation or other social/environmental irregularities.

Feel free to suggest topics, share the posts in your social networks and websites in support of the Soy on Track actions and the progress made in the oversight practices of the supply chain of this product that has a great impact on the Brazilian economy.

In addition to the blog, the website offers a large amount of information to help the soy chain entities interact and align their commitment with the solutions by encouraging dialogue within the sector and with civil society.

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Soy on Track Team