Who complies with the requirements of the Soy Moratorium?

1.03.2021 • Notícias

Multi-stakeholder working group finds solutions to oversee and check goals established for deforestation-free soybeans by helping signatories to abide by their commitments

The Soy Moratorium in the Amazon is an agreement signed by companies, civil society and the government that sets forth a commitment to not purchase grains or fund crops grown in deforested areas of the Amazon after July 2008.

The main points of this agreement include not trading crops from:
areas within the Amazon Biome that were deforested after July 2008.
areas included in the list of areas embargoed due to deforestation by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).
suppliers included on the slave-like labour list.

The Soy Moratorium includes all companies associated with the Brazilian Vegetable Oil Industry Association (Abiove) and the National Grain Exporters’ Association (Anec). 

In order to monitor compliance with this agreement and provide expert support to the signatories, the governance and operation of the Moratorium are under the responsibility of the Soy Working Group (GTS) composed of representatives of Abiove and Anec and civil society entities.

It is in this multi-stakeholder environment that the agreements and mechanisms for oversight and assessment of the Moratorium are negotiated, defined and reviewed to ensure zero deforestation in the chain that operates within the Amazon biome.

It is GTS’ role to continuously develop and update the audit protocols and oversee the results of the annual assessments conducted by the signatories. This monitoring ensures that such information collection and verification tools can be improved and the commitments can be met with basis on technical specifications, innovations and lessons learned in previous audits.

The annual reports for analysis and data consolidation of the audits carried out by the signatories of the moratorium are available in the Soy on Track website.

Soy on Track Team