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Soy Wednesday - Green Grain Protocol: challenges and opportunities in the soy value chain to promote more responsible production

Hosted by James Allen, Olab's CEO, the first Soy Wednesday webinar of Imaflora's Soy on Track Programme was held on 11 August 2021. The event was attended by Fabiana Reguero, socio-environmental manager of Amaggi, public prosecutor Daniel Azeredo and Giovana Baggio, sustainable agriculture manager of The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

Amazon Soy Moratorium (Greenpeace)

In July 2006, a historic agreement was signed to protect the Amazon rainforest. Former antagonists from the soybean industry, NGOs and corporate sector reconciled their difference and agreed on the Soya Moratorium.

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Learn more about Soy on Track Project, a transparency platform responsible soybean supply, which serves as a hub of information that links producers, industry and traders, and investors, in addition to being a source of data for civil society.